Excellence in marine, logistic and port services

MARMISUR,an established reference in south of Europe and north of Africa since 1993.

With a proven and well-established experience in the Marine Lubricants sector, supplying on Land and at Sea as warehouser-supplier. Our scope has been consolidated around the whole Andalusian coast, North of Africa and East Spanish side part, becoming a leader company in the sector.

  • 24hours/365days a year

  • Safety and Health at work

  • ISO 9001,14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications

  • Respect for the Environment

  • Quality standards

  • Safety checklists

Who we are

MARMISUR, S.L.U. is a Society constituted for an indefinite time, according to the deed on October 3, 1993, with social purpose, Marine Lubricants supply and commercialization. With a proven and well-established experience in the Marine Lubricants sector, supplying on Land and at Sea as warehouser-supplier. Its scope has been consolidated around the whole Andalusian coast and East Spanish side part. The fact of becoming nationwide logistic operator is in our expansion plan. It has as main objective: The Safety in our operations either staff or about environmental accident. Our awareness is supported by ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certfications. The Marmisur staff is headed by its director and founder, who has had the opportunity to transfer its experience in different leader companies from the sector as BP to the company.


Two people are in charge of each operation, a responsible and a supervisor operator who carries out a study previous to the operation, providing always for safety and suitable procedures.


In addition to ISO9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certification, the company is currently known as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). Therefore by satisfying certain criteria MARMISUR is considered to be reliable in their customs related operations throughout the European Community, being able to offer a safer and more efficient service to the clients.

Our services

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High qualified staff

Thanks to the high professionalism of Marmisur’s work team and the constant investment in sources and training, Marmisur can offer the maxim guarantee and safety to the clients with efficient control and management in each supply. Consequently it is considered as a well-established company with a contrasted experience.

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We offer customized solutions

As marine lubricants warehouse keeper and distributor, a constant evolution sector and everyday more demanding, we offer an adequate response in the design, implantation and rendering of services that require a high quality and specialization grade.

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24h / 365 days a year

• Authorization application to the Port Authority and environmental standards and safety fulfillment according to ART 129 LAW 48/2003 the public domain port.
• Homologated by Ministry of Development according to RD 253/04, where precautionary measures and pollution control in loading, unloading and manipulation of hydrocarbon operation are established in maritime and port area.
• Emergency and evacuation plan, and business activity coordination means specific to each Port or private area according to ART 20LPRL.
• Operator responsible backing up any incidence.
• Custom responsible for each operation.
• Pumping equipment movement.
• Pollution control kit movement.
• Trained and authorized operators in every single port.
• Free samples kit delivery.
• Samples obtaining and destruction procedure.



Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health policy follow some fundamental principles:

  • Needs satisfaction of our clients with a rapid performing t in the service rendered.
  • Make always sure about needs and requirements fulfillment of our clients.
  • Constant improvement in the service rendered as well as our attitude to environmental impacts produced by our activity and system perfomance.
  • Comply with the current applicable legislation and others requirements endorsed by the organisation.
  • Prevent the pollution and quality deviation of our activities and services.
  • Provide to our collaborators and workers the necessary training for a perfect performance of our tasks, making them to participate for our policy toward the prevention of occupational risks in all their activities.
  • Damage prevention, health deteriorating and constant improvement.
  • Analyse in advance the potentional health consequences about safety and health of people in every activity, and adopt the appropriate measures.
  • Train and sensitise to every Marmisur’s employee.
  • Spread out the prevention of occupational risks to the subcontracted companies and others interested parts.
  • Define, check and update systematically and periodically the established policy fulfillment, as well as the objectives.

  Miguel Ruiz


 Spain 16th December 2010

Safety and Quality

Marmisur has its own procedures for each operation, safety standards, hygiene and quality in the service.

  • Safety and health in the work.

  • Respect for the environment

  • Certification granted by Bureau Veritas

  • AEO Custom regulation fulfillment

  • Work procedure

  • Quality standards

  • Safety checklist

  • Authorizations with agencies


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